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Peer-Reviewed Articles

​2023. "Tourism Workers' Resilience in Siem Reap during COVID-19." Annals of Tourism Research Empirical Insights, 4(2), 100114. (w/ Michele Ford)


2023. "The Union Difference: Experiences of Five-Star Hotel Workers in Cambodia during COVID-19." Journal of Industrial Relations, 65(5), 616-639. (w/ Michele Ford)


2023. "Issues Concerning Ageing Population in Kampot and Takeo Provinces, and the Implications of the Cambodia National Ageing Policy 2017-2030. Research on Ageing and Social Policy, 11(1), 1- 28.


2024What Motivates Betel Quid Chewers to Quit? An Analysis of Several Cessation-Relevant VariablesSubstance Use & Misuse, (w/ Ki’ilaweau Aweau, Silvera Erari, Kelle Murphy, Pallav Pokhrel & Thaddeus A. Herzog)


Book Reviews

2023. Review of the book A Tiger Rules the Mountain: Cambodia's Pursuit of Democracy by G. Conochie (2023)Asian Studies Review, DOI: 10.1080/10357823.2023.2276973


2023. Review of the book Strategies of Authoritarian Survival and Dissensus in Southeast Asia: Weak Men Versus Strongmen by S. Young (2021). Asian Politics & Policy, 15(2), 331-335



2021. The Politics of Age: An Examination of the Cambodia National Ageing Policy 2017-2030 (Doctoral dissertation, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa). 


Working Paper 

2021. How was the Cambodian Cash Relief Program Assist Poor Women Affected by COVID-19 Economic Crisis? Kyoto Working Papers on Areas Studies. No. 135. (w/ Chanmono Oum)


2023. Resilience: Economic, Social and Psychological Coping Strategies Among Hotel and Guesthouse Workers in Siem Reap During COVID-19 [Policy Report]. The Asia Foundation and The Center for Khmer Studies. (w/ Michele Ford). 


2023. Hospitality Worker's Resilience during COVID-19: Impact of Covid-19 on Tourism Sector in Siem Reap [Policy Brief]. (w/ Michele Ford)


2022. Cambodian American Older Adults. In: Periyakoil VJ, Ohuabunwa U, eds. Geriatrics Cultural Navigator. American Geriatrics Society: (w/ Sothy Eng & Babara Yee)



2020. Foreign Students and Scholars Confused by Visa Disruptions. Honolulu Civil Beat, July 17. [non-refereed]





My first book project entitled Empowering the State: Unveiling Cambodia's Welfare Policy Impact on Governance examines authoritarian resilience in Cambodia by investigating how the ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) co-opt its political platform and circumvent welfare programs to claim performance-based legitimacy. 

A snapshot of the book project:

Revise and Resubmit 

"Balancing Policy Objectives: Cambodia's COVID-19 Emergency Cash Assistance Program for Hotel and Garment Workers"  (with Michele Ford)

"Band-Aid Policy: An Assessment of Cambodia's Cash Transfer Program, Poverty, and Debt Among Rural Households" 

Under Review(s)

“Cambodia between Democratization and Autocratization” [Book Chapter for Routledge Handbook of Autocratization in Southeast Asia, with Sokphea Young]

Manuscript(s) in Preparation 

“Caring for the People or Caring for the Party: Doctor and Lawyer Associations as Political Machines"

“The Predicament of Safety Nets in Times of Debt: Evidence from Cambodia and Sri Lanka” (with Amali Wedagedara)

"Dynastic Politics in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Analysis of Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines"

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